I Ainít Leaving, by Allison McCulloch
I Ainít Leaving  

Momma walked out when I was four
My first memíry was her slammin the door
Daddy drank whiskey at the bar each night
And always managed to pick a fight

Now I wanna be a good daddy
And be good to my wife
But Iím afraid the example set for me
Wonít lead me to a better life

I throw beer cans at the wall, I donít care at all
My babyís cryiní oh heís so small
But it donít change the fact that I wonít react
I stare at the TV cause Iím so out of whack
Well I guess I got a good family
Although sometimes I hit the ceiling
Cause I got a roof over their heads and they got warm beds
And I ainít leaving 

I saw my brother the other day
Heís gettiní a divorce
He asked me for some cash
And I said of course

My wife said she needed 
The money for the baby
But that little tyke is doing alright
I think my girlís a little crazy

TAG: Even if that ainít such a good thing
I Ainít Leaving

(Repeat chorus)
© 3/4/02 12:30 am Allison McCulloch

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