I Can Look Past That, by Allison McCulloch I Can Look Past That  

Verse One:
Let me set the record straight
It was persistance, not just fate
I would have died to win your hand
But you fell for me like it was part of the plan

And oh baby
You haven't let me down
You really are a dream come true
And oh baby
As far as I can see
You won't leave me blue
Still I'm not sure/ if this will last
But I can look past that

Verse Two:
Let me get caught up in your embrace
I'm not sure if I'm ready or running in haste
Oh you've got to know I've been waiting for you
I'm scared, but I'll still take a chance on you

I can look past...
My fear
Cause you're standing right here
I can see our future together
And the coast is clear

(Repeat chorus)
6/12/01 Allison McCulloch

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