I don't Need You, by Allison McCulloch

I don't Need You

I'm so over you honey
It's not funny
You'd think I was a regular fool
No I'm not playing games
And I sure ain't the same
Cause you ain't around to treat me bad & cruel

Take a good look around 
You won't get me down
Sorry about that lot of trouble you found
Now my heart's up in the sky
And it's no longer blue
Now that you need me
I don't need you

I said I wanted your love
But you acted tough
And said "babe I'm gonna hit the road"
Then you realized life
Was passing you by
And you'd try to be a hero by coming home

Cause before long the truth will come out
It's not love you came back for
You will just want to hurt me
Before you walk out once more

(Repeat chorus)
6/4/00 Allison McCulloch

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