If Jennifer Lopez Went Country, by Allison McCulloch

If Jennifer Lopez Went Country

I can see it now - J. Lo. take a bow
From dancing to a downhome beat
I guess it would sure be neat
If she put a little twang in her voice when she sang
It sure would be a treat
If Jennifer Lopez Went Country

I drive home from work flipping through the stations
Dreaming of my life on a permanent vacation
Dreaming of the day when my ship will come in
My mind wanders off til I'm thinking again

Maybe it wouldn't happen til her career slowed down
Or maybe she'd never think of changing her sound
But country music could really get a lift
And take it far away on a long lost trip OH

E: Jennifer Lopez go Country _ _ _ ___
(Repeat chorus)
2-9-2001 Allison McCulloch

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