I Hope You Do, by Allison McCulloch I Hope You Do  

I've been thinking about you
And I'm not sure what to do
Last time I lost my nerve
I wasn't sure if I deserved

Your tender touch, Your warm embrace
I'd die to see That look on your face
Every day, but there's no way
I can't say I want you
So I hope you do

You know I don't know why
I would face goodbye
And close the door
When I'm longing for

The worst that could happen
Is I could say no
And I definitely wouldn't
But I know you don't know

I want...

Bridge 2 or Verse 3:

I know you probably would never think of me
In a million years
But if you said something out of the blue
You'd save me a million tears

(Repeat chorus)
5/22/01 Allison McCulloch

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