I'm not gonna let you go, by Allison McCulloch

I'm not gonna let you go

Forever ended last week and that was fine
Well no it wasn't but I said goodbye
I wasn't going to be bitter or hang on to the past
I'm just disappointed that it didn't last
So I finally met the guy of my wildest dreams
I always knew that he would come in time
But after awhile when the rush slowed down
He said baby I've changed my mind
So I said what's up with this leavin, when I've been believin'
You're never gonna leave me alone
No no, I'm not gonna let you go
I'm sorry if you're headin, in another direction
But you're not goin' to hurt me let me get your attention
Yeahah I'm not gonna let you go
Baby just so you know
I'm not gonna let you go
So you said you weren't in the mood for a girlfriend right now
I could possibly see that but I saw her around
Now I know you're not stickin to the facts
And the last thing I'll do is let you relax
2bor B: I'm gonna take eternity
Out of your vocabulary
Until you know what it means
You'll start seeing me more often
If you thought we had problems
Why didn't you say something to me

(Repeat chorus)
3/8/2001 Allison McCulloch

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