It Could've Been, by Allison McCulloch

It Could've Been

Rain keeps on falling when I ask the sun to shine
But I'd want to drown in a river if that could make you mine
Our goodbye scene replays in my head again and again
Baby our love isn't, But It Could've Been

I Never trusted love until I met you
You said you adored me and there was nothing I could do
Slowly with your promises my heart melted from stone cold
But now you're telling me our love is getting old

I tried to make amends and ask if there was something I had done
You said, "No, it's just that you're not the only one"
So I said "Forget it" but I meant to ask you back
If I said I still wanted you, would you believed that

I wonder why our love seemed so perfect at the start
If we could be so easily broken off and torn apart

(Repeat chorus)
2/14/01 Allison McCulloch

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