I Think I'll Come Back, by Allison McCulloch I Think I'll Come Back  

Verse One:
I woke up one morning and it came to me
Life wasn't as perfect as I thought it'd be
I was out on my own, I left you in the dust
I shook my head, wonderin' why I did that to us

I think I'll come back
Into your life
I Think I'll Come Back
I have forever in mind
I hope I left you cryin' and threw you off track
Cause I'm gonna fix that I Think I'll Come Back

When you ask me why I took my retreat
I said I wasn't sure about you and got cold feet
But now I know you're the only one
A little time off and now I'm ready for fun

When you open that door and say how can this be?
I'll beg forgiveness down on my knees
I bet this'll be oh so great
You think your life is over, but just you wait

(Repeat chorus)
6/13/01 Allison McCulloch

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