I've Lost All Control, by Allison McCulloch
I've Lost All Control  

Hey I'm getting to know you
So don't move too fast
I know that's what I said
But I take it back
You drive me crazier 
Than I've ever felt
And when you look at me like that
My heart just melts

I'm lovin' every minute
You've got it going on
And if you wake up tomorrow
Oh, I won't be gone
I'm hopelessly tied to you
Body and soul
It's not just a promise baby
I've lost all control

I tried to get forever out of my head
But I've started plannin  a weddin' instead
Maybe we should just go to Vegas right now
Bit I just want to get tied down and I don't care how

I tried to give up loving you but that's insane
Can't believe you stuck to me when we got some rain
Hold me in your arms and baby let's kiss
I don't see how things could get better than this

TAG: Destiny got to me
I've lost all control

(Repeat chorus)
6/29/01 Allison McCulloch

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