Keepin’ Me Strong, by Allison McCulloch

Keepin’ Me Strong

Can you make me feel the way
I’ve wanted all my life
And touch me deep inside
Can you show me how to be strong enough
Because baby- baby I have tried

I know
You can reach me if you try
Cause all I really want is for you to be mine
Oh oh oh oh
Tell me that if
I can’t hold on
You’ll be there
"Keepin’ Me Strong"

Can you make me forget
All this pain in my life
And dry all these tears
Can you make my heart breathe again
Even after all these years

Repeat ch
oh oh / oh oh (modulate)
You’ll there
Kee-ee-eepin’ me
You’ll be there
Ke-e-epin’ me
You’ll be there
Keepin’ me strong… (like an ending, but)

I don’t know 
How long it will take
Until you can make
My dreams come true

End: I know you’ll be there keepin’ me strong

(Repeat chorus)
© 3/15/2001 Allison McCulloch

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