The Least You Can Do, by Allison McCulloch The Least You Can Do  

I don't want to hear you're in love
About your gift from above
When God made his list 
He might have missed
Sending me the perfect one
[So I slipped through the crack
And there's no getting back]
I just want to get through
Don't get in my face
About your lovesick case
That's the least you can do

I hate to point out beyond any doubt
I don't tell you about my life
I know the weather's boring, but I'm just ignoring
The fact everything's not right

I say I'm doing well but can't you tell
It gets worse every day
Cause I keep hoping I'll fall in love (and quit moping)
Though my case is hopeless anyway

You can't possibly gain
From increasing my pain
So back off!
It's the Least You Can Do

(Repeat chorus)
5/21/01 Allison McCulloch

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