(I'm Gonna) Let the Good Times Roll, by Allison McCulloch

(I'm Gonna) Let the Good Times Roll

I've always been inhibited by money
I can't do this or that
Well that's gonna change cause I got a credit card
And I aim to spend til I'm broke flat
Give me that watch do have something more expensive
Look at the way that I've been dressin'
I bought a plane ticket somewhere out west
It's time I've stopped being depressed
Ch:  money don't grow on trees, no no
I know that is so
I've been behind the plow
But I'm rolling now
I'm gonna let the good times roll
I thought that limosines and rednecks
We're a bad combination for awhile
But someone's gotta drive me to all the places I'm going
And I might as well go in style
Well when the good times end
I won't be here again
My credit will be ruined for good
But I thought that I'd have fun
Just for once
Like I always said I would

(Repeat chorus)

E: laissez le bon ton roulet, let the good times roll

3/8/01 Allison McCulloch

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