Love Is A Game of Chance, by Allison McCulloch

Love Is A Game of Chance

For every broken heart there must be someone in love
More or less I guess whatever feels right
How on earth did you and I end up together
The perfect place, the perfect time, our hearts are flyin'

Destiny's a little on the outlandish side
Love is just something you feel inside
If you work at it maybe you'll get through
But it's struck you in the face and there's nothing you can do
I know you want to fly and
You just wanna dance
So fall in love with me, cause
Love Is A Game of Chance

Love at first sight is unbelievable to some
But sometimes there's electricity
You can't be too careful or it'll slip away
So darlin' let's run wild and free
(Repeat chorus)
3/29/01 Allison McCulloch

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