Dreamer, by Allison McCulloch


I'm in a silk dress
The music's playing low
Drinking champagne
And I guess I am alone
I'm too shy to go to up to him and say it in three words
So I sit down to write a letter, but this goes unheard

Cause I'm a dreamer
(2. But) It isn't gonna happen
He'll laugh me off and walk out on me
Cause I'm a fire
Safely towed in place
A lover's one thing I'm never gonna be
(Cause I'm a dreamer)

I'm thinking of what to say
To his witty remarks
And how to respond
TO his kisses in the dark
Who'm I foolin' I have his # and I can't even call him
He's not thinking of me, yet my hopes don't grow dim

Only in my wildest dreams
I'd be able to speak to him
Only in my fantasies
But they sure are looking faded and t  h i n 

10/19/99, Allison McCulloch

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