Obsession with Love, by Allison McCulloch
Obsession with Love  

Obsession with Love isn't too healthy
And I need to marry someone wealthy
But guess who I adore
The poorest of the poor
But he can take care of me
Just you wait and see

I'm not saying "all you need is love"
But for that, I thank the Lord above
I know I'm young and foolish
And one day I'll regret this
But maybe I'm not too concerned
With the lessons I will learn

Love holds all things possible
When I'm out at sea
It will be the constant thing
That will steady me

But Obsession with Love isn't too wise
Of course I just have to look in your eyes
And I'm light as air
I don't have a care
So hand over your heart and soul
Along with your hand to hold

Obsession with Love isn't to smart
But you see-you've captured my heart
So I'll throw you the keys
And get down on my knees, oh please
Won't you love me?

(Repeat chorus)
5/27/02 Allison McCulloch

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