Out of Style Blues, by Allison McCulloch
Out of Style Blues  

Cole Porter's crossed the border
And Coltrane's insane
Irving Berlin and that Ira Gershwin
Did some unpardonable sin
Billie Holiday's away
Louis Armstrong's all wrong
I'm so bound to lose
I've got the Out of Style Blues

Instrumental Break

Everything's changed
Nothing's the same
Who's responsible?
Who can we blame?
I can't relate anymore
To the things I did before
Look at all the old news
I've got the Out of Style Blues

Bogart and Sinatra are as dead as they get
Brigette Bardot, how did we forget?
Something's aren't taught in history
There's so much to miss if you aren't listening
Well you pick and choose
And get the Out of Style Blues

Yeah you're out of style
Haven't seen you in awhile
You're not in vogue anymore
And I'm in denial
Well now that I've paid my dues
I've got the Out of Style Blues

(Repeat chorus)
5/25/02 Allison McCulloch

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