Life is Fragile, Time is Passing by Allison McCulloch

Life is Fragile, Time is Passing

(with music)

When I wrote it, I envisioned Vince Gill covering this song, but
now, I don't think so (especially after his divorce)!

Sometimes we drive down life's roads
And never know where we're going to go
Until it had hit us so hard
Oh so hard

And as I look upon the wasted years
And see the hope and flow of tears
I sort-of came as a surprise
But then I came to realize
Life is fragile, time is passing

Sometimes it takes the shock of death
Until we'll realize what is left
And it just hits us so hard

And as I watch your youth fade
The promises kept that  we made
I find the reason we went on
1998, Allison McCulloch

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