Not Simply a Moviegoer

This coupon looked invalid, but I had never told anyone this type of coupon was invalid before. I was not about to tell this black man that his coupon was invalid, so I used it. I think we're all equal, but I treat black people nicer, because I don't want them to think I'm prejuidice. Also, they usually try to prove themselves as repectable people, while a lot of stupid white people ask me questions without attempting to look them up for themselves.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions. But if every white person asked me five questions today, my throat would be more sore than it already is. People should have common sense. The number one question I receive is "How do I enter the theater?" Never ask this question. It will not so much torment the person you are asking, but you will be thought of as another dumb person in America.

Sometimes some one will ask for a ticket to the same. Sometimes I cannot remember which movie the previous person purchased, or the button on my computer screen will have jumped out of order. I think it would be interesting to entitle a movie The Same. So when they say "could I have two tickets for the same", you could really given them The Same. The purpose would not be to steal sales from other movies, although I'm sure that would inevitably happen. Most people would look at their Same tickets and realize that this was not the movie they wanted to go see.

After I conceived this idea to make people aware of what a movie cashier goes through, it had several flaws which might not make it work to the extent that it could. Lots of people said, "I'd like to see the same," but some people said, "I'll see the same thing" or "Give me what he got." I thought The Same Thing and What He Got would be cunning names for sequels, but then I thought it would be too much.

Also, there would be another problem. Yes, sometimes people would come up asking for the same and I could not remember what movie. (state that The Same would be used as a lesson and not just another movie) But sometimes a group of teenagers would stand in my line. Each one of them would specify the movie and time. After about the third kid, you would figure out what movie they would be going to.

For The Same anyway. Not only would it have a remarkable plot that intellectuals and the general public would adore, but the soundtrack would be incredible so that even if the movie did not interest you (which it should), it would feature songs by prominent, cutting-edge, as well as well-repected indie artists.

c 2001 allison mcculloch

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