The All New CCM Lyric Test

This test will be shorter, and will be updated every five months, so if you listen to the radio you will get a lot of answers right. However, there will be two or three lyric selections that you will be asked to identify that are older quotes, or are from artists that aren't so well known. All songs are taken from CCM artists, even if it doesn't look like it. I will grade your test and sent it back to you promptly. If I don't, I am busy with school, so don't take it personally.

The rules: write the letter of the artist that matches the quote.

High Scores:
1. Jonathan Nelson, 104%
2. Jackie Thompson, 92%


1. "So kiss me." A. Avalon
2. "I woke up this morning to face another day/The sun wasn't shining in this world that I have made." B. Steven Curtis Chapman
3. "There is a place where I come from/It's the place where I belong." C. Newsboys
4. "Nicodemus could not understand." D. Big Tent Revival (BTR)
5. "As long as I shall live I will testify to love." E. Wilshire
6. "Sometimes the night was beautiful." F. Michelle Tumes
7. "I have been unqualified...but I have never been unloved." G. Rich Mullins
8. "Why can't I sleep in peace tonight underneath the satellite sky." H. Point of Grace
9. "He walked a mile in my shoes." I. Rich Mullins & Ragamuffin Band
10. "I got twisted." J. Sixpence None the Richer
11. "I can't breathe/It's agony/Wondering where you are" K. dc Talk
12. "If life is a comedy, then why all the tragedy?" L. Nicole Nordeman
13. "I want to be a butterfly." M. Seven Day Jesus
14. "She walked away just like Jim Brown." N. Bob Carlisle
15. "I opened up the Bible and read about me." O. Chris Eaton
16. "And the people say 'WooHoo.'" P. Crystal Lewis
17. "We live in a tainted place." Q. Erin O'Donnell
18. "What would Jesus do walking in my shoes?" R. Chris Rice
19. "I wanna go deeper." S. Mark Heard
20. "There would be no world left for me." T. Clay Crosse
21. "He will never break His promise though the stars should break faith with the sky." U. LeAnn Rimes
22. "Lord I believe in You." V. Pierce Pettis
23. "We fall down...we get up." W. Michael W. Smith
24. "It's all about saving grace." X. Deliriou5?
25. "We will always be old friends." Y. Burlap to Cashmere
Extra Credit: What is Amy Grant's middle name?

If you get this right, it will make up for one test question you missed.

Extra Credit: What does Smitty have in common with Leslie Phillips?

If you post a correct answer you will get credit for one test question you missed.

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