The Complete Contemporary Christian Music Questionnaire

The Complete Contemporary Christian Music Questionnaire

Many of these answers vary.   Each box counts for one point. 
This is an "open-book" quiz. If you know where to find these 
answers, GOOD!!  [NOTE: Please guess on questions you're not 
sure of!]

This test was designed by:
Allison Courtney and Mellisigh

1. What was Twila Paris doing when she wrote "Joy of the Lord?"

2. What are two of DC TALK's well-known nicknames?

3. How did Susan Ashton meet Christine Dente?

4. What did Clay Crosse do before singing professionally?

5. Who originally sang "I Don't Wanna Fall Away From You?"

6. Name the contemporary christian music artist in the 1972 sci-fi film, SON OF BLOB.

7. What other mainstream artist was in this movie?

8. Where was Cindy Morgan born?

9. What is Clay Crosse's biggest secret ambition?

10. Does Rich Mullins have a Christmas album?

11. What about DC TALK?

12. When is Steven Curtis Chapman's birthdate?

13. When is Amy Grant's birthdate?

14. When is Gary Chapman's birthdate?

15. When is Christine Dente's birthday?

16. When is Rebecca St. James' b-day?

17. How many years has Amy Grant been singing professionally?

18. Who sings the duet, ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE?

19. How many years has Petra been doing contemporary christian music?

20. Name one of the two greatest evangelists under 40.

21. What is Audio Adrenaline's debut?

22. Which two artists sing THE HARD WAY?

23. Which two artists sing CREED?

24. What artist is placed with the well-known song, and Brentwood's club, Rocketown?

25. What are the names of the artists of Dream of Eden?

26. Why date did PFR (Pray For Rain) break up?

27. Who is Wes Campbell?

28. What physical trait is Michael Sweet best known for?

29. Name at least three parodies by Mark Lowry.

30. What is Carmen's last name? 2pts. extra for correct spelling.

31. What does the "W" stand for in Michael W. Smith?

32. What is Twila Paris' favorite Christmas carol?

33. What is Coram Deo and who is it done by?

34. What year did the artist, T-BONE come out?

35. Spell Brent (boo - zhwa)'s last name.

36. What record company does 4HIM belong to?

37. What record company does Dana Key belong to?

38. What record company does Amy Morriss belong to?

39. What record company does Jars of Clay belong to?

40. What record company Rich Mullins belong to?

41. What record company does Billy Sprague belong to?

42. What record company does All Star United belong to?

43. What record company does Gary Chapman belong to?

44. What record company does CODE OF ETHICS belong to?

45. What record company does Twila Paris belong to?

46. Tell me one thing about Mark Heimermann.

47. What duo is Jimmie Lee Sloas part of?

48. What female singer heads up a girls' camp in Bowling Green, KY every summer?

49. Who nudged Susan Ashton's husband into proposing to her?

50. Name Susan Ashton's husband.

51. Name Wes King's wife.

52. Name Wayne Kirkpatrick's wife (Hint: the name's the same as Wes King's).

53. Name Michael W. Smith's wife.

54. Name one of Bryan Duncan's kids.

55. Name two of Amy Grant's kids.

56. One of Ashley Cleveland's kids (you might want to look at song titles of her albums).

57. Name one of Michael W. Smith's kids.

58. How many children do Scott and Christine Dente have?

59. Would Ashley Cleveland let her children listen to Greenday?

60. Would Dana Key let his children listen to Greenday?

61. Who is Luke Aaron Benward?

62. Does Kirk Franklin have any kids?

63. Is Mark Lowry married?

64. Is Gary Chapman married?

65. Is Cindy Morgan married?

66. Is Lisa Bevill married?

67. Did Steve Wiggins, the guy in Big Tent Revival, write TWO SETS OF JONESES before or after he married?

68. How did Amy Morriss meet her husband? (HINT: only 4 words are needed)

69. What is Michael W. Smith's favorite song on his "I'll Lead You Home" album?

70. What is Randy Stonehill's favorite song on his "Lazarus Heart" album?

71. Name two artists that have songs with the two words: HE IS, in the title.

72. Name fifteen Amy Grant songs by memory.

73. Name three Amy Grant songs that Chris Eaton wrote or co-wrote.

74. Name ten Steven Curtis Chapman songs from memory.

75. Name two songs from SIMPLE HOUSE, by Margaret Becker.

76. Who sang the duet, ANSWERED PRAYER?

77. Who wrote the song FATHER'S EYES?

78. What is the original color of Crystal Lewis' hair?

79. Who wrote Susan Ashton's song, HIDE OR SEEK?

80. Who produced Gary Chapman's THE LIGHT INSIDE album?

81. Name four trios:

82. What is the name of Bryan Duncan's latest release?

83. What is Out of the Grey's debut?

84. What is Susan Ashton's debut?

85. What artist is a poet, philosipher, and a theologian?

86. Name two CCM artists who originally are from Australia.

87. Which Christian band is enshrined in the Hard Rock Cafe?

88. Where is Lenny Le Blanc from?

89. What verse in the Bible does Margaret Becker get her song, DEEP CALLING DEEP?

90. Name one of the guys who plays the guitar in Amy Grant's song, THE LUCKY ONE.

91. What does POG stand for?

92. Which member of POG can back up their trailer the best?

93. What color car does Mark Lowry have?
94. Who is more of a practical joker?

95. What won the GMA Award for song of the year in 1997?

96. Who won the GMA Award for artist of the year in 1997?

97. Who won the GMA Award for songwriter of the year in 1997?

98. Which one of these people has NOT won GMA's New Artist of the Year award? (a) Cindy Morgan (b) Carolyn Arends (c) Clay Crosse

99. Which artist is NOT from England?

Thank you for taking this test; this last point is yours, free!!
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