Sam Phillips - The Turning


"The turning from shouts to whispers," Sam sings. The album was released in 1987 by Leslie Phillips on the Myrrh label. It was the legendary artist's last recording before she moved on to Virgin Records. The Turning has since gone out of print and has recently been re-released by DCC under Leslie's pseudonym, Sam Phillips.

The album starts off with "River of Love," a quiet, simple song written by the producer and her husband, T-Bone Burnett.

"Love is Not Lost" is what really sets the mood of The Turning; it's dramatic, upbeat, and a lyrically frustrated piece that still offers hope.

The title track is "The Turning." It's very eighties.

"Libera Me" is a universal favorite —the pop cut— but be forewarned: it will get stuck in your head.

You might have heard Sixpence None the Richer's rendition of "Carry You." Their version of the song is similar, yet Sam's voice is a bit more acidic.

"Beating Heart" is just gorgeous lyrically and intense musically.

Sam screams out the "Expectations" she just can't deal with any longer. This must be the most interesting song on the album; not the best, but definitely the most fun to give a listen.

"Down" is reminiscent to "The Turning."

"Answers Don't Come Easy" has to be one of the most gorgeous songs ever recorded.

"God Is Watching You" is the "campfire" song.

The album has a strong, but not quite bitter taste. It is a classic and a must have for your collection.