Micah & Lori Wilshire, the latest new artists on the Rocketown Records released their self-titled debut that has an eclectic/pop sound. With influences including C.S. Lewis, Michael W. Smith, and the Beatles, they show their appreciation of different genres throughout their record.

"Over My Head" is a good introduction to Wilshire.

"Ms. Innocence" describes a girl we must have met somewhere along the line: someone who's looking for romance and very flirtatious. This is one of those songs you love to listen to, but can't bring yourself to hear it more than once a week or you would be driven insane!

"Closer Still" the CHR single is by far the coolest song on the album. You must listen to it!

"Can You See Me" is a vocally entertaining follow-up to "Closer Still" and is one of the three tracks produced by Micah Wilshire.

"Face" has a light rock sound.

"Hear the Sound" is an acoustic, melodic duet met with accompanient from instruments including the harmonica.

The strength of "If I Could" is its cool melody.

"Deep" is the rock cut, if you're looking for something exciting on this project.

"You're my 'Medicine,'" the Wilshires sing again and again. Lyrically, it isn't very captivating. It's very hard, musically.

"In This Moment" is the AC single and is the most quiet and reflective song on the recording.

Wilshire has been and will be compared to Out of the Grey; it is just too inevitable. But they are not like them; Wilshire has a sound of their own. If they had to be compared to some other musicians, they would sound more like a cross between Margaret Becker and Hanson.