1999 CMS Awards

Rules: You must receive CMS to be a part of these nominations, because last year a great part of an artist's list sent in their results at the last minute, and it was too much too handle.

Deadline to send in your nominations: January 15, 2000.

Make sure all nominationed albums are for 1999! Songs could be on a 1999 album or released in 1999.

Additional info: This is different than last year. Nominations will be decided by the subscribers, but the two most common nominees of each category will be voted on by the subscribers again, so the winner will be by majority.

You do not have to vote twice. Don't worry about the second time to vote. However, if you send in your nominations and then vote between the two nominees in each category, you will have a chance to win a best hits CD by Out of the Grey or Newsong.



Favorite Contemporary Female Vocalist

Favorite Rock Female Vocalist

Favorite Contemporary Male Vocalist

Favorite Rock Male Vocalist

Favorite Contemporary Group/Band

Favorite Rock Group/Band

Favorite New Contemporary Artist

Favorite New Rock Artist

Favorite Contemporary Artist

Favorite Rock Artist

Favorite Pop Song

Favorite Pop Album

Favorite Inspirational Song

Favorite Inspirational Album

Inspirational artist

Favorite Rock Song

Favorite Rock Album

Favorite Urban Song

Favorite Urban Album

Favorite Independent Album

Favorite Independent Artist

Coolest Album Cover

Favorite Short Form Video

Favorite Long Form Video

Favorite Web Page



Favorite Studio Player

Favorite Concert Experience

Can't be categorized

Honorable Mention

Any additional comments:

If your browser is not good with forms, e-mail me at ccmdl@hotmail.com for me to e-mail you the categories or send your answers to me there.

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