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CCM Discussion List - Vol. II, No. 46

" I want to give You everything, but I've got nothing of my own at all. And if I give what I have not got, will You fill me up and make me whole?" -"Everything" by the Normals
In this issue: Notes of All Sorts Top This! New & Used Christian CDs on the Net! New Releases! Responses to TELL ME TELL ME

Notes of All Sorts

Thanks, Rebekah, for the Normals quote!

Don't forget to pray for Wilshire, December's prayer artist of the month!

Top This! [as of 12/8/98]

#1 Adult Contemporary Single-- Michael W. Smith / "Missing Person" | Week 1
#1 CHR Single -- DC TALK/"My Friend"
#1 Inspirational Single -- Fernando Ortega /"Lord of Eternity" | Week #1

#1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album -- WOW 1999: THE YEAR'S 30 TOP CHRISTIAN ARTISTS AND SONGS, Various

#1 Mainstream Retail Top-Selling Album - TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL-THE ALBUM, Various

Information from (

New & Used Christian CDs on the Net!

Go to the newsgroup: under the title headers "FS:" or "Christian CDs for sale" and you'll find great bargains. This is where I've gotten most of my out-of-print music. I've seen a bunch of Out of the Grey and Margaret Becker albums go for $5 each. has millions of deals for new CDs. They have a good Christian selection...just type in the artist's name and see what you can find. They have $10 sales sometimes, when you spend over $20, you get $10 off. You can save a bunch of money that way. is a large new & used CD store. is a little pricey, but they have what you're looking for in all formats.

And don't forget !

New Releases

All Star United International: ANTHEMS FOR THE HUMAN RACE (from Reunion/Essential), December 29

Matt Redman: INTIMACY (from Star Song), December 22
Smalltown Poets: LISTEN CLOSELY (from Ardent/ForeFront), December 22
Darlene Zschech: SHOUT TO THE LORD 2000 (from Hosanna! Music), December 16
Billy Crockett: IN THESE DAYS (live) (from Walking Angel), January 6
Hokus Pick: GREATEST HITS (from Freedom), January

Responses To TELL ME

A. What do you think about Collin Raye's crossing-over into the Christian music industry, from country? Do you think that people will continue to accept him as a Christian music artist?

(Christina S.) I'm not really into country music at all, so I can't really say.

(Chris U.) I think it is great...and I hope CCM excepts him...why shouldn't we?

B. [Imagine!] You will be offered 8 free tickets to any Word Records' artist of your choice anywhere in the United States if you never buy an album that Sparrow Records releases. Would you do this? What would your opinion of Word Records be?

(Christina S.) well.. my opionion of word would be awful, thank God I don't think they'd do something like that... but if that offer was given to me, I'd have to say I wouldn't accept, for quite a few reasons,

1> I don't think there are any WORD artists I like SO much I'd risk that

2> I'd travel as far as it took to see a concert I wanted to, I've dont it before! ... and 8 tickets simply wouldn't be worth giving up ANY music... In short... I could go to any concert anywhere I ever wanted to, I don't need those

3> what happens when one day the most incredible awe inspired band emerges and I fall in love with them, and they're on sparrow, lol...

I don't think so, I definitely wouldn't agree to that! NO WAY!

(Chris U.) um NO...Sparrow has way too many good artists and I would think pretty low of word...who they only have 2 artists in my opinon...Cindy Morgan and Point of Grace...PERIOD!


A. [Imagine] The biggest Christian bookstore chain in the United States has announced that they will be carrying the top ten secular CDs for $10 or they will go bankrupt. Would you shop there anymore? Would you buy some of your secular CDs there?

B. Rate these songs:

-"Missing Person", by Michael W. Smith
-"Big Fish", FFH
-"Glory", Jaci Velasquez
-"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", Twila Paris

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