We used to be CCM DL [Contemporary Christian Music Discussion List] but changed our name to Christian Music Summary. The site address is going to remain the same, even though part of it includes "ccmdl". The change was necessary, as several people wondered if we were affiliated with CCM Magazine. No, we are not. However, we list the #1 songs of each week as reported by CCM Magazine, listed on their website. We also give them credit for this information.

The list will continue to remain the same. You will receive a summary of what is happening in Christian music, and will have an option to sumbit your reviews and opinions about Christian music. What you write may be edited, but we will print any short review or anything anyone sends to us.

You do not need to be a member to send us anything. If there is a Christian CD that you want to recommend, send it to: ccmdl@juno.com with your name and e-mail. We will give you credit for what you send us.