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Christian Music Summary - Vol. III, No. 20

"You are my Saviour and I'm at Your mercy. All that has been in my life up til now belongs to You." Kim Hill's "You Are Still Holy"
In this issue: • Notes of All Sorts • Top This! • New Releases • Responses to TELL ME • TELL ME

Editor: Allison McCulloch
Contributors: David G., BrightEyes, Tobias, Rebekah, Christina S., Beta David, Jason

Notes of All Sorts

Prayer artist of June is: Three Soul Cry. Tom, Sarah and Chris are an upcoming band that you should all look out for.

SARAH MASEN's first project, an indie album entitled The Holding, has been selling for high prices because it's rare. If you're interested in buying the album, it's supposed to be rereleased by BEC in October, so be looking forward to that.

DON'T FORGET...Sixpence is slated to perform on "The Late Show With David Letterman" on Tuesday, July 6.

Please feel free to send any of your thoughts, comments or reviews pertaining to do with Christian music.

Top This! [as of 6/21/99]

#1 Adult Contemporary Single-- FFH "I Want to Be like You"
#1 CHR Single -- The Waiting "Speak"
#1 Inspirational Single -- Men Of Inspiration "In Honor of the Father"

#1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album -- MEZZAMORPHIS, Delirious
#1 Mainstream Retail Top-Selling Album -- THE NU NATION PROJECT, Kirk Franklin

Note: Mezzamorphis by Delirious debuts at #1!!

(info from www.ccmmagazine.com)

New Releases

Miss Angie / TRIUMPHANTINE, June 29
Scott Krippayne / BRIGHT STAR, BLUE SKY, July 13

Ginny Owens / WITHOUT CONDITION, July 20
MxPx / AT THE SHOW Live!, July 27

Cindy Morgan*, August 17
Twila Paris / True North, August 24
Jill Phillips / Jill Phillips, August 31

Gary Chapman*, fall
Geoff Moore*, September 21
The W's*, September 21

Talk is that Amy Grant will be releasing another Christmas album around Sept./Oct.

Find more information on new releases at: tlem.netcentral.net or CCM's June 1999 issue.

Responses To TELL ME A. Which female led rock band do you think is better--Sixpence None the Richer, Viva Voce or Wilshire?

(Beta David) I don't like Sixpence None the Richer at all and I can't say I know Willshire but VIVA VOCE are one of my 3 faves right now so that's my answer.

(BrightEyes) I'm only familiar with Sixpence & Wilshire, and while I think Lori Wilshire is one of the kindest, lovliest people I've ever met, I'm going to have to say Sixpence is the best.

(Tobias) Fleming & John! I don't know Wilshire and I've only heard a few songs from Viva Voce yet but I think it's Sixpence cause they're soooo great (Most of all the lyrics)

(David G.) Sixpence by far. Not only because of her vocals, but because of their music and what they have accomplished in the mainstream market.

(Jason) Sixpence None the Richer definitely!

(Rebekah) Sixpence... although I don't like any of them

(Christina S.) Viva Voce is awesome

B. What do you think is the wackiest song by a Christian artist that you've heard?

(Beta David) The "wackiest" song I've heard in the last year was by Everybody Duck -- something about a 10-pound Bible; though "Hats" (AG) first came to mind even though it isn't wacky, really -- or maybe it is, for Amy anyway.

(BrightEyes) Audio Adrenaline's version of "The Hairbrush Song!"

(Tobias) I guess it's "Cash Cow" from Steve Taylor (from Squint) but followed closely by "Jesus Freak Reprise" by Dc Talk and "Jesus and the California kid" by Audio A.

(David G.) "Life Boat", Steve Taylor, 'I predict 1990' .... ‘Ώis it a 'song' at all?!

(Rebekah) I personally am partial to the Hairbrush Song that Audio Adrenaline redid off of Veggie Tales. That was great. The wackiest music video however, is "Someday" by Plankeye. If you've never seen it, get a copy of the Seltzer 2 video.

(Christina S.) Well, the 'I'm so happy' song by Hocus Pick is always fun, and the whole 'surfonic' album is pretty funny (in that respect of course). But wacky... I like Joy Electric's rendition of Mxpx's "I'm ok you're ok" but I don't think that's wacky.


A. Rate these songs: 1-don't like 5-OK 10-My favorite! -Speechless, SCC -Live the Life, MWS -Mezzamorphis, Delirious

B. What song helped you go through a time of trial?

*if you have a TELL-ME question, e-mail Allison with it at: ccmdl@juno.com

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