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"Let me be the one" is the title of the new Cliff Richard song penned by Chris Eaton. (see this link for lyrics) From Daniel in Perth, W. Australia: Cliff has been doing the first few concerts (Sat 12 and Sun 13/5) of his series of 12 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. He sung the NEW Chris Eaton song called "Let Me Be The One." Some trivia that came out at the concerts that you might be interested in are:

Talking about the new Chris Eaton song, "Let Me Be The One", Cliff explained how it came about. He said that he got a phone call from Chris one day, out of the blue. Chris said that he was driving back to Birmingham, his home town. Cliff asked him where he had been and Chris said that he was driving back from Alan Tarneys studio, having just laid down a track for Cliff. Apparently, Chris had heard an interview with Cliff where the interviewer had asked why Cliff hadn't recorded any Gospel songs for a long time. Cliff's reply was that he didn't write songs himself (!!!!!) so he had to rely on the generosity of others and no-one had offered him any lately. Chris felt so guilty that he immediately set to work on a song for Cliff.

-16 May 2001

Harry @ I C R M reports: Cliff Richards is recording a new album with Alan Tarney at the moment and one of the tracks is a Chris Eaton song. Probably also the first single taken from the album. Haven't a title yet.

-17 April 2001

Dennis Saunders of Good Company Theatre Productions in the UK reported that Chris is going to be involved writing music for a new theatre musical about the life of St. Paul called Seeing the Light. Chris will also appear in it himself and lead the band. Book and lyrics are by Sue Pomeroy pictured with Chris below. Musical director is Simon Slater.

It will open in Belfast as part of the Diversity 21 iniative in November in a large disused warehouse in the waterfront area. The musical relates directly to the troubles in Northern Ireland and it will feature a professional high profile cast, actors and choirs from the community. The production is intended to work with all the communities in Belfast to explore issues of faith, exclusion and barriers to understanding.

The plan is to develop the production in Belfast and then to tour across the UK. The songs already written are wonderful and take Chris in a new direction. See how you can order tickets in the Belfast area here.

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[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] -17 October 2000

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Mike Rimmer said that Chris is supposed to record a Christmas album, and it may be out this year!
-A. M. 6 June 2000

The news below is kind of old! Sorry. "What Kind of Love" never really came out as a single on Christian radio, and the song "God So Loved" did not win the GMA's Song of the Year ("My Deliverer" co-written by Rich Mullins did). Information on the new album will be released as it becomes available.
-A. McCulloch 7 April 2000

Thu, 7 Jan 1999
From Mike Rimmer

Subject: Christian Music: Chris Eaton / Amy Grant / Matt Redman

Just spent the day catching up with Chris Eaton. he's working on a follow up to What Kind Of Love and choosing songs. We spent the afternoon listening to demos and thinking about what should make the final cut.

He was in Nashville recently and cut a track with Amy Grant, a remake of "What Kind Of Love" since Amy recorded it at the Behind The Eyes sessions. This is a grittier version and sounds wonderful but not sure whether it'll make the light of day as a single. Chris is also launching a website soon - probably by the end of February.

Recently he also had a writing session with Matt Redman and the result is likely to end up on a future Matt recording. Chris is in good spirits and ready to go for it with a new album and feeling focussed. If you haven't checked out his last album (What Kind Of Love) on Cadence - it's brilliant. It contains his original version of "God So Loved" which is up for a Dove award, after Jaci Velasquez covered it. Check out the album though because he makes brilliant pop music that inspires and challenges. Plenty of good stuff to enjoy on the last album and much to look forward to with the next!

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