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Christian Music Summary - Vol. IV, No. 01

"Laughed at what she had to say, Then casually dismissed her as a fraud, I forgot she was created in the image of my God." -Nichole Nordeman
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Editor: Allison McCulloch
Contributors: Jonathan N., Girts, Rebekah, Mark W., Christina S., David G., Jeff R.

Notes of All Sorts

1999 CMS Awards: It's time to pick out your favorite songs, artists, albums, etc. of the year! Go to: https://allisoncm.tripod.com/ccmdl/99cmsawards.html

Top This! [as of 12/99]

Check out CCM's top radio songs of the year: http://www.ccmmagazine.com/ccmupdate/99_12_20/charts.html

Responses To TELL ME

A. Who in Christian music would you like to see in a movie?

(Jonathan N.) Sam Phillips (former CCM-er Leslie Phillips) - I loved her in "Die Hard With A Vengeance." I want to see her in a speaking role now.

(Mark W.) Definitely Rebecca St. James or Eli.

(Rebekah) Dave Villano, formerly of Shaded Red, because he is hot... no... I don't know... that's a hard one.

(Girts) I would like to see Michael W. Smith in a movie. This might be a possibility, especially since his son's Ryan's interests lie in directing. Smith would likely focus his talents on the musical side of any film project, like composing the score for example. The stuff that he's written that's orchestral is some of the best stuff he's written. [His] son Ryan says his dad has talked about maybe acting [in the future], but he doesn't know if that would happen.

(Christina S.) P.O.D.!!! I would LOVE to see the P.O.D. boys in a movie, that would crack me up. Cause all four of them definitely have hammy personalities and would, I think, be hilarious.

(David G.) Leigh Nash (Sixpence None The Richer)

(Jeff R.) dc Talk because they could make a movie about their lives and the struggle they have had trying to portray Christ everywhere they go and everything they do.

B. What do you think is missing in Christian music? (if anything)

(Jonathan N.) Depth. Don't make me elaborate much - I don't have the time.

(Mark W.) better and more Latin music, and i think most of the artists should be more creative. A lot of Christian music is very similar... there should be more variety

(Rebekah) I think the main problem of the Christian market is that the major labels, especially, are into secular politics. It's really quite a shame [and it's] why a lot of bands get aggravated and quit. Not all Christian labels are like this, but a lot are. Max Hsu, of Church of Rhythm, and I have done a lot of talking recently. Max really believes in me and my potential (probably the only one) and asked me to head up the public relations department of this new label he plans to start... a label to revolutionize the Christian music industry as we know it. I don't want to get too much into it, but if you like to know more or have some creative ideas and possibly want to get involved, e-mail me.

(Christina S.) at this point, I think Christian music has an AWFUL lot to offer. I don't know about on the contemporary side of the industry, cause I haven't listened to contemporary in a very very long time now. But on the hardcore/alternative side of the industry, things are rockin!! There is an absolutely excellent band or group for any genre you can think of. If it's in the mainstream industry, you're sure enough going to find someone whose just as good or better in the Christian industry. I never realized before until recently just how much the harder side of Christian music has to offer, it's incredible!!! So, I guess my answer is, on the harder side of Christian music, I can't say too much is lacking. Now, on the more contemporary side, I personally think there should be a Christian chick musician who is in the same league as say Alanis Morisette, or Sarah McLachlan, cause I LOVE their style. That's what the Christian music industry is missing. A female singer who can rock out and still have very personal private lyrics, music you can feel, and it rocks at the same time.

[NOTE: I know that there is really no one like that, but Ginny Owens and Jill Phillips have deep, personal lyrics. Tracy Dawn is a new artist that kinda "rocks" but her lyrics aren't very "lyrical;" she was advertised as being like Alanis Morissette; so we need someone more original]

(David G.) More songs like Stryper's "Honestly", that everyone and anyone could sing. More exposure for songs like Sixpence's "Kiss Me", even if they don't preach (or because they don't). More credibility and maturity like on Amy Grant's music career (sorry for her family anyway). Less shyness and more daring. More general market hits, marketing, promotion, partnerships like Word/Epic, Myrrh/Sony. By the way, more Spanish hits (enter Jaci Velasquez and "Llegar a ti").

(Jeff R.) I think the main thing that is missing is the ministry. A lot of Christian artists are selling out to the secular world. There is nothing wrong with Christian songs hitting the mainstream charts or radio stations as long as they keep the ministry of Christ in and the industry out.


A. What do you think of
-the Darins?
-Margaret Becker's WHAT KIND OF LOVE?
-Layton Howerton?

(any other comments re: anything in the Christian music industry, or your favorite lyric quotes would be appreciated)

*if you have a TELL-ME question, e-mail Allison with it at: ccmdl@hotmail.com

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