*Allison's Favorite MP3s/Soundfiles*

In a world where there are millions of MP3s, how can you find any good ones? By typing your favorite artists in the "Similar Artists Only" Search Option at mp3.com is one way. But then you're bound to say "that does NOT sound like Townes van Zandt!! They Suck!" Anyway, I have found these good few out of listening to literally hundreds of mediocre or terrible MP3s over the Internet. These are excellent!! (They are MP3s, unless noted)

Tori Amos "American Pie" & "Smells like Teen Spirit"
Derek Elkins "Beauty Queen"
Four Mile Mule "Black and White Movie"
Amy Harding Hunt "2020 Vision"
Kris Kehr/Stone Poets "Long, Long Year"
Monica Taylor & Patrick Williams "I've Got Me"
Jen Watts "Silence"
Gillian Welch: Time's the Revelator / SoundFile

Artists that have something going on MP3, but I just don't know what:

Eileen Hemphill-Haley