"Osama, Osama" Pt. 2 of The Osama Trilogy
by Allison McCulloch
Osama, Osama I think you're a pinata
I might be confused, and you might get abused
Osama, Osama como se llama?
Your name is weird and so is your beard

Osama, Osama, Hilter, Jeffrey Dahma
You're up there with Stalin, and we'll send you crawlin'
Osama, Osama, your poor momma
She must be ashamed of how you've behaved

Osama, Osama escape to the Bahamas
Drown near the coast or sit in the sun and toast
Osama, Osama, read your Korana
You shouldn't kill, but you have and you will

Osama, Osama
Osama, Osama

Osama, ohh ---Osama

(Repeat Chorus)