Poetry - 2001 - By Allison M

Poetry from 2001

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Black & White Becomes Clear 2000 was an uneventful year as far as poetry was concerned. 2001 however came to a weird start with this composition. It's not a song, it's a statement. The more you discover the more mysteries disappear Bliss vanquishes, black and white becomes clear Soon you want to be Thrown from misery Because the more you know the more you have to fear So to be known in this case is to be misplaced Even though to know and be known's the object of the game I use to be sure I used to endure But now reality's come to light & my plans aren't the same Now I'm being pulled into complacency and being used to the grind But I resist because now I'm used to wanting to find One day I'll came across Ideals I have lost And everything will fall in place and everything will fall behind © Allison M 2001
If I Were a Weapon Apparently Suzanne Vega is releasing an album later this year with a song called "If I Were a Weapon". It reminded me of her song called "If You Were In My Movie". So although the ideas presented in this poem are different than her new song (I think so, I haven't heard it), the structure is like "If You were in my movie". If I Were a weapon I would be a sword Long shining blade Inside a dark rusty scabbard If I were a weapon I would be a knife If you are quick to anger I could end someone's life If I Were a weapon If I Were a weapon If I Were a weapon If I were a weapon I would be a machine gun They would use me in a movie And I would look really fun If I were a weapon I would be a lying tongue You would dwell on each word That so viciously stung If I Were a weapon If I Were a weapon If I Were a weapon © Allison M 2001
Impression of the World
This is how I feel if you want me to feel
While I believe that this life is real
It is not that romantic so we build places
In our mind to help us escape ugly faces
And this is how I heard this world is fading
I only looked and saw all the hating
When we try to make it better we only make it worse
There is no cure just freedom from a curse
This is how I'm touched when you reach me
You listen and don't tell me how it should be
Then I want to get past my shadow of fear
Now only if this perfect world were here

© Allison M 7/27/01

In My Soul Brilliance takes time And you want me to know right now Forgiveness takes time And you want to heal right now Well right now Iím trying to figure out What this is all about When will you realize You canít see through my eyes, cause Iím growing too fast to slow down anytime soon But Iím not reaching the moon Fast enough Thereís more hate than love In my soul In my soul © Allison M 10/3/01

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