1-877-701-7085 customer service # A host was recently activated on your onestop.net Virtual Web Server! Please save the following information for later use! URL...........: http://chris-eaton.com Temporary URL.: http://stage1.onestop.net/chris-eaton.com FTP host..: ecom1.onestop.net FTP User..: chris-eaton.com Password..: cookie11 POP host..: ecom1.onestop.net ** If you have registered a domain, the www. prefix will also function, along with just the domain. ===================================================================== * for the quickest support response, please go to: * http://onestop.net/support * be sure to login first to track your account. ===================================================================== At this time you can FTP into our network and begin your upload. Login to the OneStop.Net Virtual Web Server and get a feel for managing your account and hosts. You may login on any page, off the http://onestop.net home page. EMail boxes, Aliases, FTP accounts can be configured and activated via this login. Thank you for choosing OneStop Support@onestop.net Team OneStop ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ IMPORTANT URLS ] * Virtual Web Server http://onestop.net/ (use the login) * General Help http://onestop.net/support * Contact Info http://onestop.net/contact ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ UPLOAD PROCEDURE ] To begin uploading your files via FTP, please follow the instructions below. 1) Using an FTP Client such as WS_FTP, login to the above specified FTP host with the listed USERNAME and PASSWORD. This username is usually something like yourname.com OR yourname.onestop.net. 2) Upload your files to the current directory. ** The amount of disk space you are allowed is based on the subscription plan you chose. If you try to upload a file that puts you over your disk quota, the file will be rejected. You may check your current disk usage at any time by logging into the VWS! [ DOMAIN NAME TRANSFERS ] If you are transferring a domain name to our servers for us to host be sure to modify your domain name where you registered it (ie. Network Solutions OR Register.com). 1. Goto the domain management option of your registrar (ie. register.com) that asks for "Name Servers" 2. Input the following... Primary Hostname: ns1.onestop.net Primary Net Address: Secondary Hostname: ns2.onestop.net Secondary Net Address: - If you are experiencing problems modifying your name servers, please visit our domain registration/transferring support area at: http://www.onestop.net/index.php?support=supportregister hostKey : 24728