Fucking Loser, by Allison McCulloch

Fucking Loser

I feel like Iím a fucking loser
I know Iím the only one
I hate everything I know I should do
I donít want to love anyone

Iím feeling worse than hell
But I tell you I am well
And when I call youíre not there
Because you donít really care

Generally speaking I donít go out on a limb
But I did and I lost him
I am tripping on my feet falling on my hands
I donít want to guess where my future lands

Ch, Ch 2 lines only

Wearing the wrong clothes
The conversationís full of holes
How did I get here
Itís really not clear

But I think of the 
Way you made me laugh
And it only makes me want to get you back

(Repeat chorus)
© 2/28/01 Allison McCulloch

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