I'm Alone, by Allison McCulloch I'm Alone  

They very nature of perfection haunts me
And I fear for certainly
Works of man are not my gain (are done in vain)
I have found I'll always be
Wrong to some
But in light of who You are
And what you've done
I see grace
And feel its gentleness
I know love
Will not fall but yet
Somehow I'm alone right now
I'm alone

I call out to you
Save me from myself
And I know You understand
You were human, yourself

I contemplate my burden
You took upon You and held
I try to grasp
What you must hvae felt

I will not just overcome
My pain so easily
It takes time, and time is slow
But it will come eventually

(Repeat chorus)
1/29/99 Allison McCulloch

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