Silence Ignorance Now, by Allison McCulloch Silence Ignorance Now  

First you didn't care what life would hold
What you were told
You knew there is falseness in order
No humility
No humanity
A power whose source is fear

Now your impressionable mind
Has been left behind
Because you've been struck with age
You desire no change
You desire no rage
But for others to be a complacent as you

so we're falling
you're the current we're up against
Can't you see
What beauty in tragedy has meant
It's not peace you want
It's silence, it's ignorance now
Silence Ignorance Now

When I was young I hit a brick wall
I saw blood on my face and I was appalled
To find you were telling me I was free
To escape
From these chains
While you held the key in front of my face

There can't be perfection
But I want direction
So all is not in vain
But you condescend
And don't reach out your hand
Look down on us all in disdain
(Repeat chorus)
3/30/00 Allison McCulloch

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