Fading Memory

Fading Memory

Fading Memory 

I promised you, 
Iíd always love you, 
As you were telling me goodbye, 
I even swore, 
On the stars above, 
It was the end of my life. 
Then as I watched, 
You drive away, 
I sat on the porch, 
As my heart continued to break. 

(Chorus) But that was a time ago, 
Another life ago, 
Iím lettiní go of what used to be, 
Yea I hurt for a while, 
But now Iím learning to smile, 
Weíre becoming a fading memory. 

I canít recall, 
The taste of your kiss, 
My mind is slipping away, 
The color of your eyes, 
Is lost in time, 
I never thought Iíd forget these things, 
They say that time, 
Can play tricks on your mind, 
I guess thatís true for me, 
ĎCause Iím not the forgetful kind. 

(Bridge) I canít help but wonder, 
Where you are today, 
If you think of me, 
If you wish youíd stayed. 

(Chorus 2X)
© Allison McCulloch, Brent Lumkin

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