I Quit

I quit

I quit 

Well Iíve tried and Iíve tried, 
To capture your heart, 
But Iím beginning to feel, 
That itís just no use, 
The sound of your name, 
The smile on your face, 
Touches me, 
Baby I love you. 

(Chorus) But I quit, 
I canít take this hurt anymore, 
I quit, 
Iím walkiní out the door, 
Out of your life, 
And Iím moviní on with mine, 
I quit, 
Isnít it about time. 

I see you out with him, 
And it breaks me down, 
You seem so happy, 
In the perfect love, 
I could tell you how I feel, 
But I know Iíll never have, 
All that Iíve wanted, 
And all Iíve dreamed of. 

(Bridge) Iíll go on, 
And go on, 
ĎTill I find my happiness, 
But I feel, 
If I walk away, 
You will be the one Iíll always miss.

(Chorus 2X)
© Allison McCulloch, Brent Lumkin

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