Until Iím Over You

Until Iím Over You

I never saw it coming, 
I thought we were just fine, 
If I could only go back, 
Iíd try to read between the lines, 
You told me that itís over, 
And for me to just move on, 
But I have to tell ya baby, 
That my love is just to strong. 

(Chorus) It ainít over, 
Until Iím over you, 
And it doesnít matter, 
What you say or do, 
It may take forever, 
So just know this much is true, 
It ainít over, 
Until Iím over you. 

Hell could freeze over, 
And the stars fall from the sky, 
But that wouldnít change, 
How much I need you in my life, 
I just canít put out, 
This fire thatís burned so long, 
Iím still going to love you, 
After the cows come home. 

(Chorus 2X)

(Repeat chorus)
© 2001 Allison McCulloch & Brent Lumkin

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