Bye Bye Buck, by Allison McCulloch

Bye Bye Buck

Buck, you always were a pioneer type
And weren't concerned about what was right
You just went out there and lassoed the moon
Now you're finally planning to leave soon

  I know the small town could never hold ya down
  I tried to catch your eye but I found
  If I went on with you you'd tear me apart
  So I'll let you go, cause you're a restless heart
  But I love you and you know I wish you luck
  Bye Bye Buck

You were every girl's dream, 'cept for your gal
She always complained you drove her through hell
Now you're riding away free as the wild wind
And I'll probably never see you again

(Repeat chorus)

Bridge: Now you're riding away
        I'll probably never see you again

(Repeat chorus)
(Repeat chorus)

4/11/2000, Allison McCulloch

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