I'm Not Made of Steel, by Allison McCulloch I'm Not Made of Steel  

Baby, I know I like to pretend
That I'll never get hurt again
But my heart is achin', this hurt is real
I hate to confess this, but I'm not made of steel

Verse One:
I know we weren't too serious
And (I know) sometimes I tried to impress you too much
But just because I say I am
Don't really make me that tough

Verse Two:
When you went behind my back
And held him and loved him and (tried to) keep it from me
It wasn't that I found out the hard way
But I really thought you were all I need

Now that I lost you-ou
And we can never go back 
Just promse you won't do this to anyone else
I felt like I-lost all-that I ever had

Don't act like this ain't no big deal
I'm Not Made of Steel

Baby Oh-oh
6/10/01 Allison McCulloch

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