You Don't Love Me Anymore, by Allison McCulloch You Don't Love Me Anymore  

Verse One:
I thought I'd walk back into your life
And it'd be a pleasant surprise
Well you took a look at me
And said this could never be
I've found someone else instead

It was my mistake
I left you in the rain
But it was all that I could take
Til I cried from the pain
I didn't recognize
Our love was true love in disguise
What a cruel trick
These feelings won't quit
And you don't love me anymore

Bridge: (change keys)
Darling I just can't explain
What was going on inside my head
I can't believe I left you, I can't believe I hurt you
Now I'm the one that's hurt instead

(Repeat chorus)
6/13/01 Allison McCulloch

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