The Contemporary Christian Music Lyrical Test

The Contemporary Christian Music Lyrical Test

Please tell which artist recorded the song which is quoted.  Each box
counts for two points. Please guess on questions you're not sure of!
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High Scores
Phil Robinson & Aaron Pierce99%
Mr. Ted & Val Sutton97%

This test was designed by: Allison Courtney

1. "I don't want to be lyrical...I just want to be so in love with you."

2. "True friends shall never truly be apart."

3. "And when we meet in heaven, we will recognize each other, with joy so deep and love so sweet..."

4. "I can't live without your stubborn love..."

5. "There is a hope, there is a peace to make this life complete..."

6. "One deed, one great deed can make up from the pain."

7. "If this world is a lonely place for you, fall into the arms of love."

8. "I could use someone on the road to Damascus, when I'm running the fastest..."

9. "Every heartbeat belongs to you."

10. "Rain, rain on my face...hasn't stopped raining for days."

11. "He made the night, he made the day..."

12. This is not a short term remedy, this is everlasting love."

13. "His love is strong enough to win the fight; His love is strong..."

14. "People get ready-Jesus is coming; soon we'll be going home..."

15. "Lord, I'm so tired, weary, and torn..."

16. "Seize the day, seize whatever you can, 'cause life slips away just like hour glass sand."

17. "Watch out for snakes in the grass..."

18. "The scenery keeps changing from day to day, but the road is still the same."

19. "Dreams that I can't trace pull my heart away from love I long to taste..."

20. "There is no power above or beside it-we know- God is in control."

21. "Of all that I've done wrong, I must've done something right."

22. "I believe in evolution: changing of the heart, renewing of the mind."

23. "There's hope for the hopeless, you can find happiness."

24. "There's a source of help in every need; there's a place to dwell down on your knees..."

25. "It's a big, big house-with lots and lots of room...."

26. "Steady me, when I lose my step, and start to stumble over the edge."

27. "He wore his best intentions, and I wore my Sunday dress."

28."Who's in the house?"

29. "We prefer the tents we pitched on sands that shift."

30. "Sometimes the night is beautiful..."

31. "What if I stumble, what if I fall?"

32. "When the milk has turned and Captain Crunch is waving farewell..."

33. "Tell me where your love comes from. Take me to that place."

34. "Remember, oh I never will forget: my Ebenezer was the day you paid my debt."

35. "There's a hope that I see, There's a freedom in me, There's a comfort in death and in life."

36. "If loving God was a crime, I'd be an outlaw..."

37. "This Jesus thing, it's a smash hit."

38. "Just like the shapes on my grandmother's rug..."

39. "Your sweet manna from above, filling up my heart..."

40. "Here's my cup, fill it up, fill it up..."

41. "I turn to you, like the night turns into morning."

42. "Blindman stood on the road and he cried."

43. "You can have the next day, and the day after the day after that..."

44. "If you let me love you we'll sit here and cry."

45. "Why, why would you go back?"

46. "I'd really like to help you out, but I don't even know what you're talking about."

47. "When love calls your name there's no saying no; you follow your heart wherever it goes."

48. "I can see the face of the smile of a newborn child. In all creation, He is alive."

49. "Where are the broken hearts, today...?"

50. "Lord lift us up where we belong-where the eagles fly."

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