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CCM Discussion List - Vol. III, No. 16

"What would you give for a ransomed heart? Would it cost to much? I'm telling you now, if you run to me you will be free..." -Michelle Tumes
In this issue: Notes of All Sorts Top This! Six Degrees (for all you Canadians!) Responses to TELL ME TELL ME

Editor: Allison McCulloch
Contributors: Ginger, Jeff R., Bright Eyes, Chris M., Christina S.
Contributors to the Links: kiwi, Bright Eyes, Chris M., Christina S.
Notes of All Sorts

Thanks Ginger for the Michelle Tumes quote from "Please Come Back."

Marietjie S. won Christian Music Summary test by missing only one question! Cindy Morgan encourages her the most and she won Sixpence None the Richer's current, self-titled album.

Top This! [as of 5/3/99]

#1 Adult Contemporary Single-- Carolyn Arends' "Go With God"
#1 CHR Single -- DC Talk's "Consume Me"
#1 Inspirational Single -- Al Denson's "Be"

#1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album --BETTER IS ONE DAY, Passion/Star Song
#1 Mainstream Retail Top-Selling Album -- SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER, Sixpence None the Richer

(info from

Six Degrees (for all you Canadians!)
[contributed by Lindsay]

If there are any Canadians on this list who are on Six Degrees, this list might interest you. It's called Teen Canadian Christian Music Lovers, it's for any Teen aged Christian lover from Canada, and will hopefully allow people to meet others from the same age group and have the same awesome taste in music who are also from their area. Check it out at

Responses To TELL ME

A. What is a Christian song that has made you cry?

(Jeff R.) "Mercy came running" by Phillips, Craig & Dean
(Bright Eyes) "When God Ran" - Benny Hester
(Chris M.) "A Heart Like Mine" by Bryan Duncan
(Christina S.) Skillet's "Coming Down", Switchfoot's "You", Geoff Moore and the D's "That's When I'll Know I'm Home", Polarboy's "What I Need", Plumb's "Penniless" among others!

B. What are your favorite CCM links on the net?

All your favorite links are listed at: If you come across of another great link, hit reply or e-mail


A. What is a topic that you think has not been covered by someone in the Christian music industry that should be?

B. Have you ever heard of Passion before? (the group that has the #1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album this week)

*if you have a TELL-ME question, e-mail Allison with it at:

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