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Christian Music Summary - Vol. III, No. 21

"Just because You love me the way that You do, I will go through the valley If You want me to." Ginny Owens, Kyle Matthews
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Editor: Allison
Contributors: Christina S., Jonathan N., Jason

Notes of All Sorts

Prayer artist of July is: Nichole Nordeman. Pray that as a new artist, she would grow as an artist and continue to bless people through her ministry.

Sixpence made a successful appearance on David Letterman, playing their second big single, "There She Goes." Leigh Nash was quoted as saying "all my dreams are being fulfilled" after Letterman asked how they got their band name.

Please feel free to send any of your thoughts, comments or reviews pertaining to do with Christian music.

Top This! [as of 7/12/99]

#1 Adult Contemporary Single-- Michelle Tumes "Hold On"
#1 CHR Single -- Jaci Velasquez "Show You Love"
#1 Inspirational Single -- Chris Rice "And Your Praise Goes On"

#1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album -- Speechless, Steven Curtis Chapman
#1 Mainstream Retail Top-Selling Album -- THE NU NATION PROJECT, Kirk Franklin

(info from www.ccmmagazine.com)

Ginny Owens, Lilith Girl

Mississipian Ginny Owens is shy to admit that her full name is Virginia Leigh Owens. She's blind and a graduate of Belmont University, recently signed to Rocketown Records and is going to play at the Lilith fair in Nashville. She will be releasing her debut album, July 20, to which Michael W. Smith admits that the title cut brought tears to his eyes when he saw Ginny performing it live in concert. She describes her type of music as "happy girl folk" but yet as shown in "If You Want Me To," she covers the dark side of life to.

Her first single is called "Free" and hearing it on the radio today, I thought, "oh that's Jaci Velasquez?" She kind of sounds like Jaci with a touch of Cheri Keaggy, so be listening for the awesome new talent of Ginny Owens.

Producer: Monroe Jones
Hymn she covers: Be Thou My Vision

Responses To TELL ME

A. Rate these albums: 1-don't like 5-OK 10-My favorite!

-Speechless, SCC
10 (Jason); 6 (Allison); 4 (Jonathan N.)

-Live the Life, MWS
8 (Christina S., Allison); 6 (Jonathan N.); 5 (Jason)

-Mezzamorphis, Delirious
10 (Jason, Christina S.); 5 (Jonathan N.)

B. What song helped you go through a time of trial?

(Jason) "To Say Thanks" by Nichole Nordeman

(Jonathan N.) "The Twist" by The Swirling Eddies. This song is an amazing reminder of Christ's sacrifice for us & our unworthiness.

(Christina S.) Two songs recently have spoken to me a lot... Switchfoot's "Let That Be Enough" I believe it's called, off their new one. The chorus goes "let me know that You hear me, let me know Your touch, let me know that You love me, and let that be enough" and it just meant so much to me at a point in time where everything just kept feeling like it was falling apart. The other is "What I Cannot Earn" by the normals... it talks about, if we were perfect, we wouldn't need God's grace, but we're not, and so we do. That's a beautiful song too...


A. What is the first impression you got of the following artists:
-Lisa Bevill
-Sarah Masen

B. Name an artist and another artist who you think they sound like. *if you have a TELL-ME question, e-mail Allison with it at: ccmdl@hotmail.com

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