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Christian Music Summary - Vol. III, No. 22

"Riches are wasted on the rich, freedom wasted like a slave, pleasure wasted on those who have no choice, I'm wasted...without You." -The Altered
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Editor: Allison McCulloch
Contributors: Christina S., Jason E., David G., Chris M., Darren, Wolfman

Notes of All Sorts

Prayer artist of August is: BeBe Winans. The Tennessean reported he was getting a legal separation from his wife.

"Feel Free" to send any of your thoughts, comments or reviews pertaining to do with Christian music.

Top This! [as of 8/9/99]

#1 Adult Contemporary Single-- Avalon's "Take You At Your Word"
#1 CHR Single -- Out of Eden's "The River"
#1 Inspirational Single -- Fernando Ortega's "Jesus, King of Angels"

#1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album -- WOW WORSHIP, Various
#1 Mainstream Retail Top-Selling Album -- VOICE OF AN ANGEL, Charlotte Church

(info from

Note: Once again, they include a mainstream artist (Charlotte Church) in Christian bookstores, which ends up selling big in mainstream retail, so it can increase the total number of albums the Christian music industry sells each year. I don't know who does this: Christian bookstores, CCM Magazine, or the GMA, but maybe it's a combination of all three or maybe it's something completely different. This is disappointing as Christian artists have been selling a huge number of albums in the last three years, especially after the take-off of Bob Carlisle's "Butterfly Kisses" and the Christian music distribution to all the mainstream/secular music stores now.

Prediction: Ginny Owens' "Free" is climbing up the AC charts. I don't even feel that it is a good song. However, watch out if they release "If You Want Me To", definitely one of the most powerful songs on the album (WITHOUT CONDITION), if not the most powerful song. This song will be huge, and if not, it will certainly touch the people who hear it.

Delrious Review [contributed by Jason E.]

One of the most anticipated releases of the year, Mezzamorphis is certainly worth the wait us North Americans had between the UK and North American release dates. Jam-packed full of good music, this album has already started to prove itself on the charts by being the #1 album for the week of its release and having the song "Gravity" currently at #3. But even though those appearances on the chart kind of prove the popularity of the album, I'm sure more recognition is ahead.

Their previous albums were very popular mainly because of the fact that Delirious? were bringing a new type of worship. Delirious? were being hailed as the newest worship artists on the block. Mezzamorphis, however, takes a new direction as this album is not a "worship" album. Though some people who are Delirious? fans may not like the change in style, others will love their music even more.

"Mezzanine Floor" illustrates the change in style right from the beginning. This song could be described as a song about where the band is at right now, especially the second verse, which goes: "When I go they same I'm wrong, If I stay there'll be no song." This could be talking about the people who say that Delirious? are "selling out" or, in simpler words, going secular.

"Heaven" picks up where "Mezzanine Floor" left off and is the first song on the album which has a real drive to it. One thing which stands about this song is that Stu G and Martin are reminding us that Heaven is our home. "Bliss" is another song with drive and is a big favourite with several people I know and I have to admit that I have caught the craze. If you want to dance, this is the song to dance to. "Beautiful Sun" and "Metamorphosis" are the two songs on the album which were written by Stu G. The former is more of an acoustic song and definitely one of the more worshipy songs on the album.

"Metamorphosis" on the other hand, is a guitar-fest for Stu G and it reminds us that God accepts us even though we are nowhere near perfect. "It's OK" is the main controversy of the album because of the words 'She's as pretty as hell'. This song was originally taken off the album but it was restored later. I really like this song because it says that even though we might be going through a hard time in our life, we will be able to live another day because of God. "Kiss Your Feet" is definitely the one real worship song on the album. Jon is sporting an upright bass on this song and that adds to the other instruments played in this song. Definitely a d:classic. Two tracks that were only on the Sparrow version "Jesus' Blood" and "Deeper 99" end off the album. While "Jesus' Blood" may take some time to grow on you "Deeper 99" is very infectious. It has been brought "up-to-date" and Stu G's solo sounds better than ever.

Is this a good album?? Definitely!! With 14 songs (only 13 NEW songs, not 14 as it said on the package) this album is sure to bring more credit to Delirious? and who knows, it might land them a Dove award!!

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Responses To TELL ME

A. What is the first impression you got of the following artists:

-Lisa Bevill
(Chris M) Saw her video "Hold On." She looked very peppy for her age.
(David G.) 'Steamy' ... almost sexy
(Christina S.) didn't like her, then I did for a bit, and now I don't again, oh well
(WolfMan) who?
[note: pop singer who achieved short-lived fame with "No Condemnation" based on Romans 8:1]

(Chris M.) Sounded cool, but not my favorite style of music.
(David G.) High energy, that girl rocks!
(Christina S.) when I first heard them, I hated them... but they grew on me quickly, now I love them.
(Wolfman) sounds like Garbage...

-Sarah Masen
(Chris M.) Saw her first on the video "All Fall Down." Thought she was sorta wild, but I liked the song.
(Christina S.) always liked her, but was never my favorite
(Wolfman) not bad...

B. Name an artist and another artist who you think they sound like.
(Chris M.) Rebecca St. James, Alanis Morrisette
(Darren) Chris Rice = James Taylor (I picked this one out before the reviewers started saying it, 'course it's hard to miss)
(Christina S.) mxpx and green day is an obvious choice, in track 10 the normals sound like deliriou5? spoken (hardcore band) sounds a lot like rage against the machine
(David G.) .Project 86 and Disciple
(Wolfman) i guess i can't use plumb, eh? *grinning* Michelle Tumes sounds like Enya....


A. What is the worst Christian music album you've ever bought?
B. If a Christian album has been banned from a Christian store (like VOL, the W's), does that make you want to buy it more or less? Or do you have another opinion?

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