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Christian Music Summary - Vol. III, No. 23

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Editor: Allison McCulloch
Contributors: Gilligan, Rebekah, Fritz, David G., Jonathan N., Bright Eyes, Kirsten, Christina S., Darren

Notes of All Sorts

Prayer artist of August is: BeBe Winans.

Charlotte Church has been picked up by Word Records, so you can now get her album in Christian bookstores.

Check out these websites designed by our very own, Marcie: and and also

Christina S. that review on deliriou5? [by Jason] rocked.. They rock

Thanks for the huge response this time! There's no room for other news or the member profile I was planning to put in, but we'll get to that next week. Nothing tragic or thrilling has happened!!

"Feel Free" to send any of your thoughts, comments or reviews pertaining to do with Christian music.

Top This! [as of 8/30/99]

#1 Adult Contemporary Single-- Steven Curtis Chapman's "Dive"
#1 CHR Single -- Out of Eden's "The River"
#1 Inspirational Single -- Point of Grace's "My God"

#1 Christian Retail Top-Selling Album -- WOW WORSHIP, Various
#1 Mainstream Retail Top-Selling Album -- VOICE OF AN ANGEL, Charlotte Church

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Responses To TELL ME

A. What is the worst Christian music album you've ever bought?

(Darren) Deliverance "Recorded Live" is pretty bad. It was actually recorded in a studio, not in concert. I guess the "recorded live" pitch was a way to get away with extremely bad recording equipment, mistakes by the musicians, and unintelligible mumbling in the background between and during songs. I think I actually listened to all six songs on this tape once, which was once too many. If anyone wants it, I'll send it if you pay the postage.

(David G.) "Kindred Spearmint" - Sappo [Organic/Pamplin] 1997

(Fritz) I guess it's the self-titled by Seven Day Jesus! It was such a big, big disappointment cause I loved The Hunger so much!

(Kirsten) Forever Mercy by the Altar Boys. I don't think I've ever listened to it the whole way through. Or maybe the self-titled album by Sunday Dryve. Whatever happened to them anyway? That one is WAY in the backof my CD shelf.

(Rebekah) Well... I think it's Carman... what was I thinking back then?

(Gilligan) it would have to be the 4 him sampler of obvious...not my kind of music.

(Jonathan N.) There are so many... The most recent one I can think of is Carman's "Mission 3:16" - the title track was funny, but the rest of the album was full of mediocre (and worse) songs.

(Christina S.) Yum yum children!! What the heck were they thinking?

B. If a Christian album has been banned from a Christian store (like VOL, The W's), does that make you want to buy it more or less? Or do you have another opinion?

(Kirsten) More. Absolutely. If there's controversy around it, that means that it's not just another cd by another artist. There's something different about that one, and I'm going to want to buy it.

(David G.) "Against The Law" - Stryper [Enigma/Benson] 1990 Not more, nor less ... I just love the band and I have my own opinion about their lyrics. Banning an album just inhibits our right to choose, but now we have a wider market to find what we want, and good stuff will find it's way to our hands, sooner or later [I even have a 'spare' copy of 'Against'].

(Fritz) It depends on the reason it's banned but generally it makes me wanna buy it more cause I'm interested what caused the controversy and generally I believe that the artists did the things they did for a reason and I want to find out what this reason is!

(Rebekah) I would want to buy it less cause there is obviously something wrong if a Christian bookstore wouldn't carry it (unless it's a store that only has praise and worship music or something). They carry things like Amy Grant, MxPx, and on occasion, I've even seen Mariah Carey. So if they were holding stuff by them and not by another artist for a specific reason...then something is not really right about that album.

(Jonathan N.) Doesn't change my desire one way or another. I'm more interested in the artist/ message than what some extremist group wants (the bookstores tend to cater to the extreme right and/or anti-intellectual sides of Christianity).

(Gilligan) i would probably buy it just to find out why it was banned...please explain the w's being banned...i didnt hear about that [NOTE: Kind of explained below]

(Bright Eyes) Knowing that a certain album has been banned from a Christian store does not make me want to buy it more nor less. It makes me want to know why it wasn't carried by the store, and then, I want to explore that reasoning. If I like an album enough, knowing that it was banned because of a few opinions won't do much to change my mind. For example, from what I understand, LifeWay didn't carry The Ws album because of one certain word. If I wanted that album and bought it, I would probablys kip the song with that certain word in it, because I don't like that term. But, it wouldn't keep me from enjoying the rest of the album.

(Christina S.) Neither, if I like the music, I don't care who else does or doesn't, I'll still buy it

(Darren) I'd be interested in finding out why it was banned. If it was for a good reason, I wouldn't want to buy it.


A. What is the most surprising Christian music album you've ever bought? (You thought it would be OK, it was great…etc.)

B. What is the coolest/strangest piece of Christian music memorabilia that you have come across?

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