Pam proves that being a top songwriter involves getting your name out there. She is becoming known to people all over the UK as a smart and cool personality. GO PAM!!!

Fame Academy: A TV show in the UK that is comprable to the U.S. American Idol. This show is hot and successful.

Pam's role: Songwriting tutor


Fame Academy asks:

What the best thing about being in The Academy?

The food!!! No, the food's on the top five list I think. The best thing about being in The Academy is... I think Pam Sheyne. She's got so much going on inside and Jo Noel. Jo Noel and Pam Sheyne are the two best things inside The Academy. Jo Noel for her patience and her commitment to music is second to nobody's, there's nothing that that lady doesn't know, she's a remarkable person. Pam Sheyne because what's not going on in her head is not worth knowing. She's an incredible song writer. -Fame Academy chat

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