Geography: Originally a New Zealander from Waitakere, currently living in London.

Occupation: Songwriter, producer, and vocalist

Experience: Songwriting tutor on the new and hot talent show on TV, "Fame Academy" (UK).

Who's recorded her songs?
Artists like Christina Aguilera, Dream, Billie, Sheena Easton, Myra, Tina Arena, and Jessica Simpson have recorded her songs.

Who's she written songs with?
Songwriters include CeCe Winans, Chris Eaton, and Steve Kipner. See Hits and Cuts for a more complete list.

Who's she sung background vocals for?
Artists including Celine Dion and the Pet Shop Boys.

Married to: Nigel Rush, also her manager

How did she make it big in the business of music?
Through Songlink she had her song "Genie in the Bottle" placed with Christina Aguilera, an unknown freshly-signed artist at that time. Before then, she had been receiving cuts since about 1995.

How successful has she been? Why is she successful?
(from: Unisong's site)

"A relentless work schedule combined with regular global travel has seen British based New Zealand singer/songwriter Pam Sheyne's reputation develop to the stage where she is regarded by her peers as one of the most talented participants in her field. Recent collaborations have taken Pam to New York, Frankfurt, Sydney, Nashville, Stockholm, Vancouver and LA, resulting in covers in all major territories of the globe and sales in excess of 18 million records."


Paul Brady
Mark Winters

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