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Irresistible vs. Be in Love

Irresistible Plagiarized? You decide.

Jessica Simpson's new Irresistible was a hot track written by Pam Sheyne, BAG, and Arnthor Birgisson. How ironic that this song was supposedly plagiarized when Pam Sheyne is such an avid supporter of anti-piracy, belonging to BMR a British group against piracy. Please see Pam Sheyne's thoughts on piracy: Link (scroll down).

Obviously if it were plagiarized, Sheyne, BAG, and Birgisson could sue and get the money that rightfully belongs to them. However, this song comes from Japan, where copyright laws are different and a settlement would be hard to collect. Plagiarism is a very strong word and so I do not say on this website that the Maki Goto version Afutetyau or "Be in Love" is plagiarized. I only note that authorship to "Be in Love" was claimed by Tunku, a very popular producer in Japan.

Please decide for yourself whether this is plagiarism or not. Scroll down to the poll below to record your result. Does this Japanese version sound like "Irresistible" by Jessica Simpson? Please download this winzip file: Maki Goto's "Be in Love". If you feel this version is a direct violation of copyright, please tell your friends. Apparently, this situation is ignored in Japan.

The lyrics are nothing like Irresistible. Translated, they are roughly:

 Is it earnest love?
 You may be deceiving me
 You differ from the man whom I loved.
 Love is fearful
 Although it be kissed and holds
 Something is insufficient
 I want you to apply magic
 Tears are mysterious
 Darling,Darling,tears are full
It is only the music that sounds strikingly like that of Jessica Simpson's big hit. Please click here for a short clip of Irresistible if you do not know what this song sounds like.

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